Dr. U. Zellweger/Svizzera

Dr. U. Zellweger
Aegeristrasse 19 6300 Zug
Tel. +41 41 726 20 30

Literatur- und Real-Gymnasium Freudenberg, Zürich;
Matura (eq. to High School Matriculation) 1977-1983
Preclinical Courses University of Zürich 1984-1986
Clinical Courses and Program at University of Zürich, Dental School 1987-1990
Graduation from University of Zürich, Dental School Oct. 1990
Professional Experience: Employed in Private General Practice; Dr. H.-P. Stiffler, Chur, Switzerland.
Clinical Experience involving Periodontics, Prosthodontics, Implants & Endodontics 1991-1993
Specialty Program; Department of Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics and Dental Materials, University of Zürich Dental School; Chairman of Department: Prof. Peter Schärer Including Teaching and Instructing Students 1994-1996
Post Graduate Program in Implantology at NYU
David B. Kriser Dental Center
Chairman of Department: Dr. Dennis Tarnow 1996-1998 Clinical teacher in the undergraduate clinic at NYU, David B. Kriser Dental Center 1996-1998

Continuing Education:
Cerec User Course; Zürich, Switzerland July 1990
Flap Procedures with Dr. Bahat (L. A.); Zürich, Switzerland June 1991
HaTi-Implant-Users Congress; Bern, Switzerland Sept. 1991
Swiss Periodontologists Congress; Luzern, Switzerland Sept. 1991
HaTi Implantology-Course; Bern, Switzerland Oct. 1992
Membrane-Technology in Oral Implantology,Practical Course (Gore-Tex Membrane);Aarburg, Switzerland March 1993
Brånemark-Course; Luzern, Switzerland Oct. 1994
Microna-Celay Ceramic Inlay -Course; Zürich, Switzerland July 1995
Handling vs bonding Strength - limitations of adhesives in dentistry. Lecturer D. H. Pashley at Vivadent, Schaan, FL March 1996
Presentation: Department of C&B Continuing Education Course in Esthetic Dentistry: Lecture and Table clinic on "Longterm Maintenance and Care of Conventional and Implant-Retained Esthetic Restorations"; St. Moritz, Switzerland March 1995 & Flims, Switzerland Sept. 1995
Esthetic Considerations, to Queens Study Club; in Denver Dec. 1997
Other Activities: President of Student Council, Zürich 1988-1989
Clinical teacher in the undergraduate clinic at Universdity of Zürich, Dental Center 1994-1996
Director of Audiovisual services C&B Dept., Zürich 1994
Clinic Director & Personel Manager in C&B Dept., Zürich 1994-1996
Research: Effects of bonding agents on impression materials Med. Dissertation 1997
Last Position: Taking care of Private General Practice of Dr. H.-P. Stiffler, Chur, Switzerland, while he is on vacation for 6 months 1998-1999
In own private practice in 6300 Zug, Aegristrasse 22, Switzerland since 2000

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